All paths lead to the same goal: to convey to others what we are.
~ Pablo Neruda

Exploring aspects of your own experience, memory, and feelings, pen to paper, helps to ground and grow self-esteem.

Everybody can write. We communicate with words all the time. The only difference is in learning to send the words down our arms through the pen, instead of doing what we may be more accustomed to doing— giving free rein to our mouths.

Putting thoughts to ink on the page and then giving voice to the raw unedited writing, is a marvelously transformative experience. The ink becomes a mirror letting us see (and hear) ourselves in profound, sometimes humourous, new ways.

The moving pen is based in Toronto, though currently all workshops take place on Zoom. As a result, writers are participating from other far flung places!

In non-Covid times, workshops have been offered in other locations upon request. 

Writing classes and workshops use ‘writing practice’ as its basis, to help dislodge the internal critic’s stranglehold, and to allow creative impulses to be detected, enjoyed, and exercised.

Class groups are small, conducive to experiences of safety, comfort, and intimacy within the process. We write from memories, pictures and feelings that we all carry inside. During each session, participants will have the opportunity to write and read at least four times.

The most important criteria for acceptance into a class are a genuine desire and willingness to write and to be a thoughtful member of the group, and the readiness for a good belly laugh.

Quilting memoir, stitching fiction

Mixed content in a writing group kindles a fertile, playful environment for all the participants. If you predominantly write memoir, you may grow more willing to experiment with dialogue, fiction, and personal process when you hear others enjoy forays into spirited banter, character, or the interior realms, and vice versa. The moving pen writing classes and workshops invite and encourage writing in its various forms. Exercises are given that develop narrative skills— using dialogue, point of view, memoir, fantasy and so on.


principles and parameters

  • we respect confidentiality within the group.
  • only positive responses are offered - something that lingers in memory, a phrase that stood out, the spot where energy increased. This uncensored stream-of-consciousness writing deserves to be met with kindness and encouragement. Editing comments and critiques are for a different stage in the process.
  • each person reads their writing aloud. This helps displace the harsh judge who interferes with the freedom to express oneself.
  • the facilitator participates fully, writing and reading with the other participants.


writing practice and the energies of the group help to:

  • initiate or revive an organic relationship to the written word
  • separate the resourceful self from the internal critic
  • welcome writing into our daily/weekly life
  • further mindfulness through the meeting of our thoughts
  • overcome procrastination and creative ‘blocks’


Class options are Tuesday: 1-3:30, Wednesday 9:30-noon, and Thursday 7-9:30 p.m. All three groups currently take place on Zoom.

Series of 6 meetings: $200

Note: A phone conversation is an important requirement before registering.


Creative writing workshops are sometimes offered on a weekend afternoon, and occasionally on a particular theme such as editing or poetry (see Events).

As well, workshops geared to specific groups or, in locations other than Toronto (the moving pen travels!) are designed upon request.

Note: A phone conversation is an important requirement before registering.

Cancellation Policy: Please understand that credits for workshop and class fees are not possible unless a substitute is available to fill the spot, in which case the credit is valid for a 2 month period.

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