If I don't write to empty my mind, I go mad.
~ Lord Byron


It may be helpful to sit together, one on one, to discuss something about the writing process.  Or perhaps you are in the midst of a project, and have reached a place where you can use some imput. The mentoring experience is designed individually to help meet your particular inclinations and needs.  This work can also take place long distance, via Zoom or Skype.

There are times when one may wish to develop a solo writing practice.  In the course of speaking together we’ll find suitable ways for you to begin writing, and bring an ongoing writing experience into your life.

Regular check-ins with me can help in the 'unearthing' process that encourages words and stories sitting just out of view, thereby fueling your pen, and helping you sustain a rhythm. I will make suggestions to facilitate getting to your notebook. You might share some of your writes with me, via email, phone, Skype and/or in person so that I can provide, as I do in groups, a spirit of appreciation and empathy. Reading aloud to one who is listening with the practiced 'ears of the heart' is an important aspect of this work. While not therapy, this process is indeed transformative.

Please contact Sharon for mentoring fees 

Cancellation Policy:  Please note that the full fee is due if a cancellation is made less than 48 hour before our booked time.



[When I have the time.]

Do you have an essay, story, poem or other writing that can use some 'tweaking'? I will help you to clarify what you wish to say, and to approach your unfolding material in thoughtful, kind ways that support and ground the process. I value your unique voice and style, and work closely with each client to ensure that these are retained during the edit process.

Fees range from $60-$85 per hour, depending on the scope of the undertaking.

Please note that I am only available for a limited number of such projects.

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